" Motion  Meets  Emotion "
  Motion Meets Emotion - Yi-Chun WuPhotography Exhibit  
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January 3 - 15, 2011, 9AM - 6PM  
Thursday, January 6, 2011, 8PM  
Taipei Cultural Center of TECO (1 East 42nd Street New York)
Free Admission  

This exhibit, "Motion Meets Emotion," is dedicated to Taiwan's dancers and dance communities,in admiration of their commitment, humility, and passion.


Special Thanks: Taipei Cultural Center (TECO), Lois Greenfield, Jose Velasco, Jack Deaso, Aaron Burns, Young Soon Kim, Megan Sprenger, Deborah Jowitt, Quinn Batson, Yung-Li Dance, and Taiwanese dancers and dance companies.

To see a preview of the show